The (Sometimes Grand) Adventures of Ren & Farrah 3

Name: Shayla Marie Emory


Genre: MG, Adventure


Word Count: 48,000


Pitch: When her family’s Renaissance faire starts falling apart, only 10-year-old Ren realizes an evil wizard has laid a curse upon it. To defeat the wizard, Ren must bring magic back to the faire.


First 250:
“For Luminaria!”


With the shouted battle cry of her Queendom, Ren burst out of the forest that surrounded Luminaria, a land that only existed in the heads of those who worked at the Renaissance faire.


The faire was mid-setup in a giant, dusty clearing, speckled with grass and dirt. With a wide grin, Ren dove forward.


Magic sung along in the air, following behind the wind and tingling against Ren’s skin. The faire folk paid the young princess no mind as she charged through the clearing with her wooden sword drawn; side stepping people here, and an invisible Pegasus just learning to fly, there.


“Hello, Mary Beth,” Ren called out a greeting to the cook, a pale woman who was quite round and quite friendly.


“Princess! What are you doing out about these times?” the pale lady laughed, waving with the hammer she was using to put her stand together.


Stopping for a moment, Ren slipped her sword into the old leather scabbard that hung around her waist to hammer in the next nail for Mary Beth. All around her, the faire was coming alive. Even the magical creatures that only Ren could see were amassing in the forest, making her grin.


Ren stuck the tip of her tongue out in concentration. Her first swing missed and she looked up at the cheerful woman with a bashful smile before trying again; pulling back before hitting the nail perfectly. She returned the hammer to Mary Beth with a firm nod.


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