The Killer Game 2

Name: Jenny Chernyee


Genre: YA Sci-Fi


Word Count: 95, 000.


Pitch: Forced to participate in a virtual reality game she didn’t sign up for, inexperienced Roxanne Fernandez must quickly find out the in-game Killers’ identity as dying in the game means dying in real life.


First 250: 
The day my brother came home from his virtual reality tournament was the day my comments about the Virtual World changed.

The crowds that had gathered were screaming and cheering, begging for Ricky’s attention. I stood behind the panels of reporters, ignoring the crowds and focusing on my brother whose confident demeanour never once changed. Humble yet confident, Ricky stood rigidly in his tailored white suit, giving the press and cameras his most charming smile.
“You’ve won another international game yet again, Ricky. This is, what, your seventy-sixth win? How do you feel?”
“Seventy-seventh,” my brother corrected gently, the smile never vanishing from his face. “It’s a great honour to bring nothing but praises to Illúna. Although I admit, it doesn’t feel the same without my sister around.”
“Is she here currently?”
“Roxanne is present at the moment, yes.”
At the mention of my name, my lips lifted up, giving the cameras a smile that—I hoped—was as charming as my brother’s. Ricky looked at me, his silver eyes, identical to mine, so full of adoration.
“Ricky Fernandez!” A reporter from the left panel called to get his attention. Ricky turned, still beaming, his expression never changing. “What do you have to say in regard to your sister being accepted as a contestant for the annual tournament?”
I blinked.
Ricky’s smile wavered. For once, he actually looked unsure and insecure, before he plastered the smile back onto his face. “I’m sorry, would you mind repeating your question?”
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