My Contest Days Are Done… 20

At least my days entering them, but for the BEST reason ever.



I had this grand post ready with all sorts of fanfare and gushing, steadily building to the climax ready, but I’m just gonna cut to the chase, keep it short and sweet. I’ll do a whole “The Call” post later.

Melissa Nasson of Rubin Pfeffer Content has, as another awesome writerly friend said, put a ring on it, and I couldn’t be any more thrilled. I’m glad I can let it out, scream it from the mountaintops, because I am super excited to be working with her. I cannot wait to jump in and get started so we can introduce my stories to the world.

I am grateful for  my critique partners, my BETA readers, my friends and family in the writing community who kept me uplifted and told me someone out there would love my work as much as they did. Thank you. I couldn’t have done this again without you all. And I’m especially grateful for my heavenly Father who blessed me, and who will forever remain my strength.

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