Love and Other Punchlines 8

Name: Sara Jade Alan


Genre: YA Contemporary


Word Count: 57,000


Pitch: Clashing eighteen-year-old comediennes are the only two girls in a nationwide comedy contest. Stella needs the grand-prize to afford college. Marlo must win to support herself and her dream. PITCH PERFECT meets LAST COMIC STANDING.


First 250: 
Big Stinkin’ Comedy Contest: Semi-finals – Northwestern University




I speed walk across the Northwestern campus because superstars don’t run, and I AM a superstar…the world just doesn’t know it yet.


My under-bra is a little damp as I check in for the contest, the sweat rings beneath Lucy and Ethel already forming. Quick check of the pits: still good. Woo-hoo! Already winning.


I’m all smiles and energy when I go backstage to the greenroom, excited to meet the other contestants, but I’m greeted with a wall of crossed arms and lukewarm nods. It’s all guys except for me and one other girl, twelve of us in all.


“Ooh, it’s serious in here! This is the Big Stinkin’ Comedy Contest, right? Or did I walk into an episode of Game of Thrones?” I lower my voice. “Is one of us about to die?” I receive a bunch of nothing, and one or two eye-rolls, but at least a brown-haired, Thor-looking guy gives me a small laugh for my effort.


Thor says, “Hey, I’m Seth, the production assistant. Hopefully it’s not such a tough crowd out there.”


I laugh. “I’m Stella, pleasure to meetchya.”


“Hello, Stella. That name bodes well for you—born to be a star?” He does a sexy eye-squinch thing as he smiles.


Is he flirting with me? I wave a hand in front of my face as if the compliment has me in a tizzy. (It kind of does—he’s so tall—and I’m tall, but this guy is a tree.)


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