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Lately, I’ve been catching some flack for saying I liked the new TMNT movie. Mostly cause I wasn’t too pleased with the latest Transformers movie. This is why.

Firstly, I want to point out that my issue with the Transformer issue wasn’t the individual script or the acting, it was the continuity pitfalls in the overall plot. Should TMNT go on for a few more films (please movie deities let this come to pass), and the third or fourth movie has the same issues I pointed out in Age of Extinction, I’ll probably say the same thing.

Secondly, so we’re clear, I didn’t just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot, I fricken LOVED it!


Why? Because, for two hours, I relived my childhood. I remembered why I respected Leo, admired Donnie, laughed at Mikey, and rooted for Raph. I remembered why I thought being a ninja was the coolest thing in the world. I was also reminded that Splinter is a BEAST.

Another reason I loved it is because I DIDN’T go in -expecting- to hate it. I didn’t go in expecting to hate Transformers (and I don’t, I’ll probably still get the Blu Ray), in fact I was all too stoked to see it–can we say BEAST WARS!–but I was still disappointed in the end. It happens.

Back to TMNT. Spoiler: when you actively look for the worst in something, that’s what you get. Whatever you expect to suck now not only has to win you over, but has to crawl out of whatever hole you’ve dug for it first, meaning it has to work twice as hard and go twice as far. If the hole wasn’t there to begin with, you’d probably have liked it a lot more. I went in with a clean slate. Either I would like it, or I wouldn’t.

****And I should point out there’s a difference between hoping something is good and hoping it doesn’t blow. Hoping something is good is like hoping a cheeseburger at least tastes like a cheeseburger. Hoping something isn’t horrible is like hoping a cheeseburger tastes like something from a five star restaurant, but then you’re disappointed it tastes like what? A cheeseburger. You did that to yourself, so don’t go blaming the cheeseburger for being what it is.

Is this movie going to win any oscars for best actor or screen-play? Does this kind of movie EVER win those types of awards? The simple truth is, if you go in looking for something other than a reboot of the over-the-top, cheesy, hilarious, awesome adventure of running around with four humanoid talking turtles–who are NINJAS–you might be disappointed. If you’re ready to get your #cowabunga on, prepare to be shell shocked.


((I recommend changing the quality settings to HD!))

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