Code X: Da Vinci’s Secret 2

Name: Jennifer L. Hawes


Genre: Upper MG Mystery


Word Count: 48,000


Pitch: Twelve-year-old Jack must solve the sticky note ghost’s murder and unlock the secret of a rare Da Vinci journal to avoid being next on the killer’s list.


First 250: 
Our house was rigged with 24/7 security, but not because of the ghost. The eight-digit code on the keypad—jack0315—gave me easy access. I tiptoed past the rare journal locked behind bulletproof glass. A shiver bit into my skin, making my hair stand on end. Would someone buy that thing already?


In the kitchen, I threw a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Without the annoying ghost around, this might be the best night ever. But as the seconds ticked down, yellow squares of paper popped onto every surface. The dead communicating with sticky notes? Not weird at all.


You’re out of T.P.


Did you locate the smoking gun?


Try watching Law & Order or Matlock or CSI.


My dead neighbor had yet to convince me he was murdered. Who was Matlock anyway? Franklin was such a drama ghost.


Ignoring the rest of the notes, I headed for the living room. A cold sensation swam up my spine, or was that my back brace? Dad blamed the strange occurrences on our old house. I blamed the ghost and his endless pranks and tricks, like the lights blinking on and off.




The staircase creaked.


“Saw that on TV.”


Franklin appeared, crossed legged like a genie on the chandelier three stories above me, but it was his wingspan of hissing snakes that made my heart thud. I dropped my bag of popcorn. He flew to the center of the room and his silver eyes bled crimson.


“Okay, that’s new.”


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