Accidental Lawyer 2

Name: Kim Hamilton


Genre: Adult Contemporary


Word Count: 85,000 words


Pitch: Rookie attorney, Jess, takes a job as an ambulance chaser and must find a way to outwit a mob boss and dupe a drug dealer while keeping her integrity and dignity intact.


First 250:
Some lawyers demonstrate their legal prowess in courtrooms with a cool confidence, examining witnesses and charming the jury. Others hunker down in law libraries dissecting case law and writing brilliant legal memorandums. They’re all armed with fancy words, legal precedents and an air of self-importance. But not me. I wasn’t that kind of lawyer. I was armed with a cell phone camera, a large advertising budget and a few shreds of remaining dignity.


My name is Jessica Snow. I work for the law offices of Dawson Garner & Associates in Baltimore, Maryland.  It was mid-August. My elevated professional status had me standing alone at the intersection of North Avenue and Smallwood, an area that cried out for urban renewal.  The summer heat shimmered like a hellish vapor off the asphalt. My mouth was dry, but the rest of me was cloaked in a layer of sweat. Worst of all, the humidity had ravaged my hair. What wasn’t matted with perspiration was frizzed out like a science-fair project gone wrong.


I was there to take photos of the intersection where by client had been hit, but my investigation was interrupted by the assaulting screech of the worn brakes on a Baltimore City transit bus. I involuntarily cringed knowing that when I turned toward the bus I would see my friendly face across its entire girth with the words, Dawson Garner & Associates, Have You Been Injured? We can help. Call 555-WANNA SU.


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